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We provide hundreds of FREE leads every week, just for sending in referral businesses.


We will generate exclusive leads for you and your agents and deliver them exclusively to you the same day we generate them. All leads are generated with live telemarketers.

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Tools to Grow

Want to generate your own leads? We can offer you a seat on our predictive dialer platform and load contacts in your area, of course after scrubbing against the DNC registry.

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Our Agency Builder Program offers agencies and recruiters all of the necessary tools to quickly build a downline of agents. Our tools will find agents interested in contracting with your agency.

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This website is here to help insurance agents with the resources they need for selling final expense insurance.  Whether you are looking for Final Expense Leads, Final Expense Training, Final Expense Contracting, Final Expense Insurance Predictive Dialer, or anything else to do with the selling of Final Expense Insurance, we are here to help you find it.

Final Expense Leads

We offer our final expense leads if you are currently with an IMO for $25 each.  If you are looking to partner with an IMO we can recommend one to you and they will help supplement your lead costs by providing our final expense leads for only $22 and you can also earn free leads through their lead program.

Final Expense Training

We definitely recommend for your training.  The IMO mentioned in the above section will provide you with free access to this amazing training source for final expense training.  You may also visit them and purchase your own membership for less than $100 per year.

Final Expense Contracting

We are in the final expense business and know many of the top Final Expense IMO partners for you to get appointed with, if you are interested in final expense contracts let us know and we can help you find a good fit.

Final Expense Insurance Predictive Dialer

If you want to generate your own final expense leads or any other type of lead the Agents Dialer predictive dialer system is one that is used by many other insurance agents and call centers throughout the country. The predictive dialer software will help you get through a list of numbers fast and helps you eliminate all of the disconnected numbers, busy signals, and some of the answering machines.  You should be able to generate on average 1 final expense lead for every hour you utilize Agents Dialer.  They will provide you with the list of names to call too!

Final Expense Leads Testimonials

Just so you’ll know…the leads we purchased from your company were GREAT! The girl that heads my 2 person call center up and makes the sales said “they were better than any lead she has ever had before.” She’s got several years in the final expense business, so she’s not just blowing smoke.