We were founded in 2004 to fill a hole in a much needed niche of the insurance industry.  Baby Boomers were beginning to hit their 50’s and the need for burial insurance policies, also called final expense policies, was beginning to take off.  We started out generating final expense leads utilizing a voice broadcaster, blasting a pre-recorded message out to thousands of people who would press “1” on their telephone if they were interested in getting a quote or more information.  In Sept 2009 these became illegal in the United States and we had to look for a better way to continue with our exclusive final expense leads generating for the agents we had buying final expense leads from us.   We started off hiring a few high school kids and began testing using live callers to generate the final expense leads we needed.  WOW!  What amazing results we were getting.  The final expense agents were loving our new final expense lead and everything just took off from there.

Since October 2009 we have been generating telemarketer final expense leads for a very large group of final expense agents from all different IMO’s and Agencies throughout the country.

Final Expense Leads Telemarketers

We ensure every telemarketer we bring on is completely trained before they start making live calls.  We have quality control personnel in place to ensure every lead we send out meets our standards.  We strive to complete each lead order the same week we start calling for it.

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