Insurance Agency Builder Tools

Are you a recruiter?  Do you need help finding agents for your agency?  We have the tools to help you grow your agency.

Voice Broadcaster

The FTC has very strict laws for broadcasting messages, if you plan on purchasing a voice broadcaster make sure you are aware of all laws pertaining to it.  In short the law states it is illegal to voice broadcast a message to consumers.  We do not allow purchase of voice broadcaster packages if you plan on using it for consumer lead generation.   You should only consider this tool if you are marketing to businesses or you have an opt in list.  We do not provide any consumer lists for the broadcaster.  You may purchase from us lists of agents or business listings.

Our voice broadcaster allows you to blast a pre-recorded message out to thousands of people in a very short period of time.  You could tell agents about a lead program you are offering or introduce a new carrier (or old carrier) pretty much anything and have them press one on their phone to get more information about your agency.  Once they press one they are connected live to you or you can have the system gather their name and number and you call them back later.

Here is a sample recording of a message you could blast out to agents.

A simple recording like this will generate you a high rate of interested agents.

Pricing is as low as $100 with no start up or set up costs!

These package prices are based on 30 second message being delivered to either live person or their answering machine..

The following voice broadcast packages are available:

Option 1:  You get an account to manage and use the system yourself.

  • $100 = 3,000 minutes 3.3 Cents Per Minute
  • $500 = 20,000 minutes 2.5 Cents Per Minute
  • $1000 = 50,000 minutes 2.0 Cents Per minute
  • $2000 = 100,000 minutes 2.0Cents Per Minute

Option 2:  We manage the system for you and send you a link where you can listen to all of your leads.

  • $100 Gets you 1,000 Messages Delivered.
  • $500 Gets you 7,500 Messages Delivered.
  • $1000 gets you 20,000 Messages Delivered.
  • $2000 Gets you 50,000 Messages Delivered.

You will just need to provide us with the script, or we can help with that too.  We will record your message here in our studio using our voice.  You may also provide us with your own recording, just make sure it is in .wav format.  You will need two messages, one for live answers and one for answering machines.

On average you can expect 4 leads per 1,000 messages delivered.  This is just an average and there are no guarantees.  Results are based on the program you are offering and the geographical region of the country you are offering it in.  Some areas do better than others.

Order your Voice Broadcaster Here

Email Blast

We have different email blast packages, each package includes the design and any revisions you want to make, one landing page (Mini website) and the email addresses.  Our Insurance Agent database updates emails constantly and our deliver/open rates are extremely high.

The available email blast packages are:

  • $699 sends out 35,000 Emails
  • $899 sends out 50,000 Emails
  • $1099 sends out 100,000 Emails
  • $1299 sends out 150,000 Emails

Order Email Blast Here

Insurance Agent Database

Get access to our Insurance Agent Database 24/7 for one full year.  You can login to our online database and download unlimited lists at anytime you need a list.  Use the list to do your own direct mail, telemarketing, email, or voice-broadcasting campaign.  Once you sign up for a package, we will unlock the states you choose, providing you access to the database to view and/or download the records anytime you need them.

Our database includes Life and Health Agents as well as Property & Casualty.

Insurance Agent Marketing List Pricing

  • Entire Database $8,000
  • Any 20 States $4900
  • Any 10 States $2790
  • Any 3 States $999
  • Any 2 States $798
  • Any 1 State $399

The estimated quantity of agents available in each state is as follows (these counts are updated annually, but the database is updated monthly):

Alabama 10,925
Arizona 29,421
Arkansas 12,469
California 146,495*
Colorado 24,300
Connecticut 16,552
Delaware 3,500
Florida 121,200*
Georgia 36,000
Hawaii 4,700
Idaho 6,200
Illinois 25,700
Indiana 27,300
Iowa 14,900
Kansas 6,400
Kentucky 12,600
Louisiana 17,600
Maine 4,300
Maryland 22,100
Massachusetts 21,300
Michigan 26,500
Minnesota 25,000
Mississippi 10,400
Missouri 23,000
Montana 950
Nebraska 8,300
Nevada 3,168
New Hampshire 3,800
New Jersey 39,200
New Mexico 1,450
New York 68,900*
North Carolina 42,800
North Dakota 2,700
Ohio 44,100
Oklahoma 13,300
Oregon 9,800
Pennsylvania 43,500
Rhode Island 3,500
South Carolina 6,800
South Dakota 2,500
Tennessee 29,700
Texas 103,900
Utah 10,600
Vermont 5,100
Virginia 12,900
Washington 8,500
West Virginia 5,600
Wisconsin 28,200
Wyoming 600

Agency Website

We will custom design and build an insurance agency website for you.  You can use the website as a consumer direct website and have Quote Request forms on it or you can use it as a recruiting website to show off your agency to the prospective insurance agents looking to contract with you.  Each website comes standard with 8 pages

Insurance Agency and Insurance Agent Websites:

  • $2500 Initial Set up and Design work to include up to 8 pages and a BLOG
  • Unlimited Email accounts
  • Option to add more pages
  • Login panel for easy editing of site
  • Contact Us Form
  • $50 per month hosting fee starting the 4th month, first 90 days are included in the initial set up cost.
  • The domain name of your choice as long as it is available and not specially priced.  Most .coms are only about $15 per year, this is included in your price.

Order Insurance Agency Website by calling 888-252-2986