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Recruiting Insurance Agents and Building a Team

Recruiting Insurance Agents In order to build a business, you need a team of people selling.  By using our Agency Builder tools, we can help you grow your business.  If you are new and want to get started recruiting insurance agents and only want a few agents or if you are

Expectations of Final Expense Leads

Like all businesses, the Final Expense market relies on marketing.  The most common source of marketing for most agents is purchasing final expense leads from a Final Expense Lead vendor.  There are several types of leads agents can buy, some legally generated, and some illegally generated.  For the purpose of

Facebook Discount

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How to Work Final Expense Leads

Final Expense Leads There are many ways to generate Final Expense Leads. The two most popular forms of final expense lead generation are direct mail and telemarketing. Direct Mail Final Expense Leads  Direct mail final expense leads are done by contacting a mail house that specializes in marketing to seniors. The

Final Expense Leads

Final Expense Leads Web Redesign and More Telemarketers We have just completed the update of our new website design.  We have also upgraded our call center and have added 20 more telemarketers to the roster!  We are ready to generate your final expense leads or medicare supplement leads right away!