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Affordable and Exclusive: leads for insurance agents

Exclusive Final Expense Leads

Looking to buy Final Expense leads? Burned out from your current Final Expense leads source? 

Let us help.

We’re a team of trained telemarketers providing exclusive, quality Final Expense leads scrubbed against the DNC list. These are new, fresh, and Pre-Qualified leads from interested insurance prospects between 50 and 80 years of age with an income range of 15K to 50K.

The insurance prospects have agreed to be contacted by a Final Expense insurance agent and are interested in hearing from you.

Exclusive Medicare Supplement Leads

Need exclusive Medicare Supplement leads? 

We can help!

Whether you're looking for Medicare leads or just want to stock up your database with insurance prospects, we offer the most affordable and efficient way to fill your sales pipeline.

We have Medicare Supplement leads from prospects aged 67 to 80 years with an income range of 15K to 75k, scrubbed against the DNC list.

Here's a shortlist again of the criteria below: 

Final Expense Leads

  • Age: 50 - 80
  • Income: 15K - 50K
  • Scrubbed against the DNC List.
  • You pick the area.
  • Interested in hearing from YOU.

Medicare Supplement Leads

  • Age: 67 - 80
  • Income: 15K - 75K
  • Scrubbed against the DNC List.
  • You pick the area.
  • Interested in hearing from YOU.

Why Choose Us For Your Leads

Guaranteed Quality Leads

We provide you with quality, fresh leads that are 100% guaranteed by our company policies and standards.

Fast Turnarounds

If we're provided with enough calling areas, the estimated turnaround time for your order is as little as 4 business days.

Secure Delivery of Your Leads

As a dedicated leads agency, the security of your leads is our top concern. Through our CRM portal (My Leads One), you can access your leads securely at your convenience.

YOU pick the area

For truly local leads, you pick the area from which you want your prospects.

Affordable Leads

We're committed to offering insurance agents with quality, reasonably priced leads, and fair replacement policies. We care about your success.

Exclusive Leads

We never resell your leads to other insurance agents or agencies.

Quality Leads with Proof

All leads we provide come with a phone call recording to prove that the leads are genuine.

Information We Gather For You

All leads will come with: name, age, address, phone, recording of the phone call, and favorite color/hobby. We will also get permission from the prospect for you to contact them.

Leads will be sent to you in our CRM system (My Leads One) and to your inbox.

Who Are We?

Final Expense Sales Leads has been operational for over 15 years providing quality and affordable leads to independent insurance agents and agencies all over the country. We hire and train dedicated telemarketers to provide fresh, exclusive Final Expense and Medicare Supplement leads.

We have quality control measures in place to ensure every lead meets our top-level standards. We also get permission from the prospect for an insurance agent to contact them.


Since 2004, we have been generating leads for insurance agents all around the country. Our extensive experience allows us to develop high quality leads for our clients.

Zero Antics

Our company strongly believes in and upholds integrity. Expect no hidden charges when working with us.

Secure Payment Options

Pay for leads by using secure payment platforms on our website.

High Closing Ratio

Pay for leads by using secure payment platforms on our website.

No Commitment Barriers

We don't want you to stress about long-term commitments and cancellation fees. Buy our leads whenever you want them without any worries of future billing charges. No subscription necessary!

Our Stats

All our leads come with the name, address, age, phone number, phone call recording, and favorite hobby/color for security purposes.

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Maximize your lead flow with our exclusive, affordable telemarketed insurance leads. At Final Expense Sales Leads, we specialize in getting you in front of interested prospects so you don't have to worry about prospecting.

Our leads turn into big commissions, so don't miss out.

Setting up a budget to purchase leads on a regular basis and following a planned daily routine for your business will increase your chances to build a long-term stable income you can count on.

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