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5 Ways to Get More Medicare Supplement Leads

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When you’re building your Medicare supplement insurance business, the first thing you’ll need is a client list. The good news is that you’ll have no shortage of potential clients – there are more than 54 million adults over the age of 65 in the U.S. today. But how do you find those people and develop them into clients?

There are several ways you can find new Medicare supplement leads, both using digital and physical platforms. Read on to learn more about these methods and start growing your business the smart way.

Exclusive Lead Lists

One great option for getting more Medicare supplement leads is to buy Medicare supplement lead lists. Buying lead lists of any description is a great way to expand your list of potential clients. But oftentimes, when you buy a lead list, dozens of other Medicare supplement insurance agents are getting the same lists and calling the same people.

By buying exclusive Medicare supplement leads, you guarantee that you’re getting the first shot at contacting these clients. You can avoid spending time pursuing clients who may already have Medicare supplement solutions they’re happy with. You can also make sure you won’t be contacting leads who are already so inundated with insurance sales calls that yours just makes them angry.


Telemarketing is one of the most popular lead generation strategies, and for good reason. With a phone network, you can make personal connections with dozens of clients every day. Over the phone, you have the advantage of vocal tone and a person-to-person conversation to make your sale.

If you plan on using telemarketing for lead generation, you may want to consider using an auto dialing service. This can save you a lot of time by eliminating numbers that are out of service or customers who don’t answer the phone. You can also choose from a variety of different services that help to provide various levels of vetting before you make contact with customers.

Live Transfer

Live transfer lead generation is a form of telemarketing that helps you to save time and money. In traditional telemarketing, you may spend a lot of time talking to clients who hang up on you or who aren’t interested in what you have to offer. This wastes valuable time you can be spending developing more promising leads.

Live transfer telemarketing sends your leads through a screening process first. An outside company will manage the first few minutes of your calls, asking leads questions about their needs and determining how promising the lead is. Only then will they pass the lead on to you, and you can then start your nurturing process.

Cold Calling

Although live transfer and other telemarketing methods may have higher conversion rates, there’s still something to be said for cold calling. When you work through more selective telemarketing routes, you may cut off a segment of your potential clientele. Playing the numbers game can help you secure some of those more surprising conversions that other agents aren’t looking for.

When you’re cold calling, be sure you have your hook polished to a mirror finish. This will be the one thing that stops your lead from hanging up on the call, and you’ve only got a few seconds to get it right. You also need to be prepared for a lot of hang-ups and some customers who just may not be interested in your services.

Facebook Marketing

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to business owners today. Nearly 70 percent of American adults have a Facebook page, and 45 percent of adults over 65 report using social media. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any other single platform that contains such a large portion of your customer base.

Social media marketing is also incredibly affordable, and you can tailor your reach to your budget. You can target your ads to your specific demographic and even to people who have a particular set of interests. You’ll pay for the number of impressions you get, and you can direct leads through to your website.

Age-Based Databases

Another fantastic option for finding new leads is to source leads from age-based databases. You can buy databases with contact information for people who have recently turned 65 and become eligible for Medicare. This helps you narrow down your list of cold contacts to people who will actually be in the market for your services.

You might be surprised to learn that you should actually take a look at databases of people younger than 65, too. By the time people turn 65, chances are they’ve already heard a lot of messaging about Medicare supplement insurance. By reaching out to people in the 60 to 64 age range, you can increase your chances of being their first contact and winning their business down the line.

Website Marketing

Your website should be the centerpiece of your marketing strategy, no matter what lead generation method you use. Your website is where clients can go to find out more about you and your services. It’s where all your digital marketing will lead back to, and it will be what represents you in the wide world of the internet.

Your website should be both beautiful and easy for your customers to navigate. You need to make sure it loads quickly, as about 40 percent of customers will abandon a web page that takes longer than two seconds to load. And make sure you make it simple for your clients to find the information they need to move forward with your services.

Event Networking

One surprising way to make connections with leads is to attend events and network with potential customers there. You can attend events tailored to older adults, as well as arrange presentations with organizations that include older people. This gives you an opportunity to connect with your leads in person and take advantage of group dynamics that can provide you with future references.

Of course, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person events have dropped significantly, especially for older adults. However, you may still be able to give some virtual presentations or even attend virtual events. Hosting virtual events yourself can help you overcome some of the technological challenges that older populations may face.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is another classic marketing technique that is popular for a reason. Although it gets a bad rap, direct marketing is one of the most affordable lead generation techniques available. You can spend just pennies per direct mail piece, and even with a lower response rate, you can wind up getting a higher ROI.

If you plan to send out direct mail pieces, make sure your piece is interesting enough to grab customers’ attention. Of course, it should contain plenty of your branding and information about how to contact you. But make sure you keep your points simple; you don’t want your leads to get information overload and toss the piece in the trash.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another fantastic way to grow your leads without having to send out physical mailers. You can meet your leads where they are and start introducing the benefits your services can bring to their lives. And unlike with social media, you don’t have to send your message out into the void and hope it makes contact with someone who needs your services.

Like your website, your email needs to be beautiful, easy to navigate, and full of your branding. Keep your primary message front and center, and spend some extra time focused on your subject line. This will be the hook that draws in your readers and convinces them to go deeper into your email.


Of course, one of the best options for getting leads is to get referrals from your existing clients. A lead who is referred may be somewhat more likely to make a purchase. Some of the trust they have in their friend transfers to you, and you can build off of that as you nurture your lead.

You may want to consider setting up an incentive program to encourage your current clients to refer their friends. Each time a referral makes a purchase, for instance, you could give the client who referred them a discount on their own service. You may also want to send out special thank you cards to clients who do refer clients.

Get More Medicare Supplement Leads

When you’re running a Medicare supplement insurance business, having plenty of leads is key to your success. Some of the methods we’ve discussed here can be great ways to grow your lead pool. Make the most of digital marketing, find creative ways to do in-person events, and get referrals from your current clients.

If you’d like to discover more ways to get Medicare supplement leads, check out the rest of our site at Final Expense Sales Leads. We are your go-to final expense, and Medicare supplement leads provider. Buy leads today and discover why we’re at the forefront of generating quality leads at affordable prices.

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Seven different ways to get prospects into your sales pipeline.

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