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8 Tips for Landing More Final Expense Insurance Leads

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According to study results, millions of people are uncomfortable talking about death.

While this is understandable, it doesn’t make your job selling life insurance any easier.

Final expense insurance yields agents attractive initial commissions, as well as renewal commissions, which can build into a substantial passive source of income. 

The secret to unlocking these ongoing commissions? A steady flow of final expense insurance leads.

Generating a reliable flow of final expense leads is easier said than done. But, if you follow the right strategies you’ll be able to land more life insurance leads than ever before and grow your book of business.

Ready to find out how to reel in those final expense leads? Keep reading to discover 8 tips for generating final expense insurance leads. 

1. Focus On Your Sales Funnel

One of the secrets to successfully selling life insurance and final expense insurance is to build a strong sales funnel.

Once you have created a sales funnel, you can feed both paid and organic leads down it.

Your sales funnel should cater to the buyer journey of your prospects, reeling prospects in and retaining them at each stage.

Gone are the days of hard marketing tactics. Nowadays, prospects respond far better to softer approaches. Aim to provide value at each stage of your funnel, seamlessly leading prospects on to the next stage. 

For instance, let’s say a prospect lands on a blog article or landing page on your website. From here, you can draw them into your funnel by inviting them to join your mailing list in exchange.

Once they are on your mailing list, you can nurture the relationship by providing more free information. After you have done this, you can send them a discount or promotional offering.

2. Get a Reliable Supply of Leads From a Lead Vendor

Besides creating a sales funnel for organic lead generation and nurturing, you should also look into buying final expense insurance leads from a lead vendor. 

Although organic final expense lead generation strategies can be profitable, they take time to mature. Organic lead generation and inbound marketing is a long-haul game. In the meantime, you still need a reliable source of leads to sustain and grow your business.

This is where bought leads can be invaluable. Even once you’ve established organic lead generation avenues, having a high-quality source of bought leads is still a powerful way to supplement this and ensure you always have more than enough leads to work.

The key is to vet for quality and find a trustworthy vendor to source your leads from. 

Although there are a number of reputable final expense lead vendors, there are also a bunch of fly-by-night vendors out there who are more than happy to take your money in exchange for poor-quality leads that won’t convert.

To make sure you don’t get ripped off, look for a lead vendor that supplies concrete proof of quality along with their leads.

For instance, here at Final Expense Sales Leads, we supply agents with proof-of-quality recordings for all telephonic leads. For Facebook leads, we supply a PDF of responses from the prospect. 

Besides looking for proof of lead quality, you should also vet for exclusive leads. That last thing you want to do is share the leads you paid for with a dozen other agents who are all competing for the sale.

3. Start Building Organic Lead Generation Sources

Although organic lead generation methods take time to mature, it’s worth investing in them from the get-go.

If you’re consistent with your efforts, organic lead generation tactics build on themselves and can develop into a nice stream of leads over time. 

Here are some of the ways you can organically attract leads:

  • Start blogging about final expense insurance
  • Create infographics and video content
  • Optimize your website with the right keywords related to final expense insurance
  • Grow your social media accounts and post helpful, engaging content around final expense insurance

To grow your authority and site ranking you can also try out things like guest blogging to gain backlinks and exposure.

4. Employ Targeted Advertising

Another way you can attract final expense insurance leads is through online advertising. However, unless you want to waste your ad budget and experience disappointing results, it’s critical that you target your ads. 

One of the big advantages of social media advertising is that you can finely target ads so they reach very specific audiences.

Being able to minutely target your ads can generate you more leads for less money than if you were to target a broad audience.

If you’re new to creating online advertising campaigns, we would advise you to start out slow and small. Experiment with smaller ad budgets in the beginning. Tweak things as you go and see what generates the best results.

Once you have found an effective formula for your ads, you can then plow in a larger ad budget.

5. Craft Content That Addresses Client Pain Points and Common Questions

Content creation is a core method for generating organic final expense insurance leads. Stats reveal that over a three-year period, content marketing strategies generate 400% more leads for every $1,000 spent compared to paid search ad campaigns.

What’s more, marketers also reported that their marketing costs decreased by 41% after they switched to content marketing.

But, to see these types of results you have to create the right type of content. Otherwise, you’ll be blogging into the ether.

The secret to reaching your target audience and generating leads through content marketing is creating content that addresses customer pain points and questions. 

If you’ve been selling life insurance and final expense insurance for any length of time, you’ve probably run into a similar set of questions with a lot of your leads. Make a note of any common questions and pain points, and see how you can address these through your content.

Addressing common client pain points and questions won’t just attract more final expense insurance leads. It will also establish you as an authority, and the go-to person for anything final expense insurance-related.

6. Look Outside Your Target Market

If you’ve been reading guides on how to sell final expense insurance, you’ve probably run across the advice “stick to your target market” multiple times.

Zeroing in on your target market can make advertising campaigns more effective, and help you better connect with your final expense insurance leads.

However, this doesn’t mean you should ignore all other demographics and age groups. 

For example, if you’re selling life insurance, it’s important to factor in that millennials are more likely than ever to purchase this insurance type. According to study findings, 45% of millennials reported that COVID-19 has motivated them to purchase life insurance.

7. Ask For Referrals

Another top tip for generating final expense insurance leads is to ask for referrals.

Referral leads are some of the very best. Not only are they practically free, but they are also very high quality. 

This is because referral leads come with a high level of pre-established trust. Stats show that 92% of consumers trust referrals from friends and connections.

If Jane recommends you to Billy, Billy is going to already feel like he can trust you.

The trick to growing your referral leads? Ask for them. 

A lot of agents feel embarrassed to ask for referrals from existing clients. Many think that if a client wanted to refer them, they would, so why pester them for referral business?

However, often all clients need is a gentle reminder that you’d be happy to help any of their friends or family who might also be in the market for life insurance. If you serve your life insurance leads well, they’ll be motivated to refer their connections to you.

The key is to ask.

8. Act Like a Consultant Rather Than an Agent

Our final tip for landing more final expense insurance leads is to act like a consultant rather than an agent. Most people innately dislike sales agents, and for good reason.

A lot of sales agents are too pushy, too aggressive, and only interested in foisting a sub-par product onto their prospects, regardless of whether leads truly need the product or not.

Instead of being sold to, life insurance prospects want to be assisted and guided.

If you are an independent insurance agent, you are in a unique position to truly serve the needs of your leads and clients. You aren’t beholden to one specific carrier, and the only repercussion of putting leads’ needs first is that you might make slightly less out of the sale. 

However, in the long term, prioritizing the needs of your clients will always get you ahead. People can sense when you’re truly out to help them, and this will motivate them to refer you. 

What’s more, it also gets you in the right mindset to attract more leads through other means. If you approach selling life insurance from a helpful, advisory angle, this will shine through in your marketing materials, ad copy, content, and more.

Are You in Need of Qualified Final Expense Insurance Leads? 

Now that you know about these top tips for landing more final expense insurance leads, you’re primed to start building out your lead generation strategies.

However, a lot of lead generation methods take a while to mature and fine-tune. In the meantime, the best way to access a steady stream of leads is by finding a reliable lead vendor you can trust to supply you with qualified leads.

Here at Final Expense Sales Leads, we don’t believe in locking agents into contracts or overcharging them for low-qualified leads that won’t convert. Instead, we offer premium leads, complete with proof of quality, at a price you can afford. 

Browse our selection of leads to start filling your pipeline today. 

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