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How to Use Facebook to Generate Medicare Supplement Leads

How to Use Facebook to Generate Medicare Supplement Leads

According to the stats, over-50s are the second biggest demographic on Facebook. 

This fact alone makes Facebook the ideal platform for generating Medicare supplement leads

Besides having a strong user base of seniors, Facebook also offers some of the most targeted advertising opportunities around. If you target ads correctly, you can bring your cost per lead down, and trigger high engagement rates with your ads. 

What's more, Facebook offers a huge market place, with 68% of Americans accessing the platform every day, and 51% accessing it multiple times per day. 

However, to take advantage of all the opportunities Facebook offers, you have to know the steps involved in Facebook lead generation. Otherwise, you might waste both your time and your ad budget. 

Don't let that happen. Continue reading and get clued up on how to take your Medicare marketing strategy to Facebook.

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Life and Health Insurance Leads

How To Find High Quality Life and Health Insurance Leads

Do you ever look at your lead generation numbers and wonder what you could be doing differently? Does it feel like your methods are stagnant or outdated? Are you looking for creative ways to grow your customer base and increase your sales? 

The rise of the internet age has given us amazing new ways to generate life and health insurance leads. Read on to discover some of the best tried-and-true methods available today.

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Lead Nurturing

6 Proven Strategies and Tactics to Improve Your Lead Nurturing Efforts

Feeling frustrating with your conversion rate? Well, you're probably not alone. 

According to statistics, 80% of leads never convert. However, there are some proven ways to change this. Statistics also show that companies who employ standout lead nurturing strategies can double their sales-ready leads—and spend 30% less doing so. 

Wait, what?

You heard us correctly. With the right strategies, you can up your sales dramatically and reduce marketing costs.

The key is knowing how to nurture your leads, so they have the best chance of converting. And we are about to share with you 6 of the top most powerful ways of doing this. 

Ready to turn your conversion rate and sales numbers on their heads? If yes, keep reading.

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Annoucement News

7 New Products Come to FESL

Exciting news for our new and existing customers, we've listened to your requests for more ways to get in front of customers, along with a sales system to scale your business using automation.

Want to know all about these new products? Keep reading to learn about 7 new products to use for your business.

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how to sell life insurance

The Ultimate Guide on How to Sell Life Insurance Effectively

What if you had a product that everyone needed?

That's the case when it comes to insurance. Everybody needs different kinds of insurance to protect them throughout their lives. Unfortunately, some people don't realize the true benefits of insurance until it's too late.

Wondering how to sell life insurance more effectively? Keep reading to discover our ultimate guide!

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Sell Life Insurance from home

Flexible and Profitable: 7 Top Tips to Sell Life Insurance From Home

Most of us have developed the morning routine of walking from our bed to the desk in our living room.

We've done away with the morning car commutes, listening to our favorite songs before we step into the office. You may have even found yourself missing talking to people by the vending machines. 

If you've been left without a job or needing a different one, you probably feel overwhelmed and defeated. There may have been a job waiting for you that you haven't even considered yet!

That job would be selling insurance. Below are 7 tips on how to sell life insurance from home to make money during the quarantine.

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medicare supplement agent

How To Become A Medicare Supplement Agent And Change Your Life

What if a new job could completely change your life?

Becoming a Medicare supplement agent is about more than just steady work in an exciting career. It's also about making people's lives better and making a real difference in the world.

Interested in becoming a supplement agent? Keep reading to discover our complete guide to getting started!

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using insurance leads

8 Mistakes Agents Should Avoid When Using Insurance Leads

According to research, over 90 percent of insurance agents burn out within their first year of working. Many insurance agents make too many mistakes off the bat which causes them to eventually fail and give up. 

Being in a career that is straight commission can be tiring, especially when finding qualified customers is like searching for a needle in a haystack. 

A huge factor of success for insurance agents is using insurance leads correctly. Unfortunately, only a small handful of insurance agents know how to use a lead to their advantage and multiply it into a handful more leads. 

The problem is, how can you avoid the most common mistakes when using insurance leads, and how can you convert them into high-paying sales? The last thing you want to do is burnout within your first year. 

Thankfully, we've created this article to teach you everything you need to know about using insurance leads to their full advantage. Keep on reading to learn more and make more sales! 

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how to sell life insurance successfully

How to Sell Life Insurance Successfully to Get Long Term Residuals

Whether you are a selling life insurance newbie or you've been in the game a while, there is always something you can learn about selling life insurance to clients.

Do you want to ensure how best to close those important sales and deals?  Read our handy guide on how to sell life insurance successfully.

Don't be left in the dark or fall behind when it comes to the art of persuasion and negotiation

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life insurance leads

5 Creative (And Proven) Ways to Get New Life Insurance Leads

Are you looking to get more life insurance leads, but unsure where to start? It can be a tremendous strain trying to find qualified leads for your business.

However, those that actively search for them reap the benefits. After all, fortune benefits the hard-working.

One of the best ways to set yourself up for success is by simply knowing the different avenues to access them. Finding the right leads is half the battle, once you have them, you need only sell them the right product.

Here are several ways to garner the life insurance leads that you've been searching for.

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