Aged Direct Mail Leads for Final Expense and Mortgage Protection

Leads that are great for field agents focusing on Final Expense or Mortgage Protection, Aged Direct Mail Leads at a discounted rate!

How Agents Use Aged Direct Mail Leads To Gain Success and Revenue

Direct mail leads have always been a tried and true method for agents to get high quality leads. A fresh direct mail lead can be quite expensive though, whether you're doing a 1,000 piece mailer or buying per lead.

That upfront cost can be covered with 2 - 3 sales, which is the problem, it's harder to get a return on your initial investment.

If you haven't saved up money for marketing then you need a return on investment in ONE SALE

That's where Aged Direct Mail Leads come in. You get the same high quality lead that direct mail generates, but for a lower cost, and the prospect may be in a better position to buy (than when the lead was first generated).

That agent then makes one sale and then their entire upfront costs are paid for and they have money left over.

But, do agent's continue to use aged leads after building up cash flow?

Of course they do! 

Many agents still find that their overall net profit and return on investment is at the sweet spot. Instead of most of your money going into purchasing leads, you're able to pocket it for other wants and needs.

How Are These Aged Direct Mail Leads Produced?

  • An agent puts in a direct mail order for their area.
  • The prospective client got the lead card, and filled in the information, then sent the lead card back.
  • The agent contacted the lead and was unable to find a solution to fit their needs or they weren't ready to move forward.
  • That lead sits until it becomes an aged lead (about 24 months), then the lead gets added into the Aged Lead Inventory.

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