Aged Leads Overflow

Exclusive, High Quality, Final Expense and Medicare Supplement aged leads at an awesome price.

How Successful Agents Use Aged Leads To Jumpstart and Continue to Scale Their Business

When you are first starting out, everyone knows that prospects are the core of the business for insurance. You can't make sales, if you aren't "in front" of people to sell to. However, when you are just getting in the door. You're in one of four categories:

  1. You saved up a ton of money, and you're ready to buy the highest quality, exclusive, and the most fresh leads on the market. (very few are in this space).
  2. You've taken several classes to learn how to self-generate leads using a website and more. (again very few start here).
  3. You have an family, friends, and interested prospects already lined up to purchase insurance from you from previous engagements. (a small number of people have this going for them).
  4. You're strapped for cash and don't know how to generate your own leads, but need leads that are extremely affordable (Most agents fall into this category).
  5. You have some money saved, but you are worried about running out of that money before you can make enough sales. (Most agents fall into this category as well).

Does any of this sound familiar to you? If so, read on.

However, there's a difference between normal aged leads, and exclusive aged leads. The normal aged lead, has been a lead and already reached out to, maybe even by multiple agents and is also sometimes called a "shared lead". 

Exclusive aged leads are leads that have never been reached out to in the first place by an insurance agent. 

How is that possible?

Ever order a lead that is outside your area, or the parameters you set? So, then you don't follow through with that lead, and you tell the company to give you a new lead. Ever wonder what happens to those leads?

They become an "overflow" lead that you can get at an extremely discounted rate.

Agents just starting use these high-quality aged leads to generate revenue at an affordable cost enabling them to build their business without breaking the bank.

Buy why continue with aged leads after building your revenue?

Even after you've built a great cash flow, a good business still wants to get a great return on investment. Because aged leads are typically on the cheaper end, normally ONE SALE is enough to make up the entire cost of the initial investment.

Established independent agents and agency owners use these kind of exclusive and high quality aged leads to continue building their net revenue and team because it's a high return on investment. More net profit, means more money for YOU.

How are these Aged Leads Produced?

  • Our leads are internet insurance or financial quote requests that we get from several real-time lead aggregators, lead generators, publishers, or lead brokers.
  • Our lead vendors typically used search engines, email, display ads, Facebook ads, or mobile ads to generate the leads provided to us.
  • Leads are not provided any incentive to fill out the forms. We aggregate massive amounts of leads monthly, go through validation, and enrichment processes to make the available for sale.

The lead is exclusive to you and has never been purchased. They may be a few weeks old, but they will never be resold!

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