Mortgage Protection Leads (Call in)

Direct mail mortgage protection leads with call in qualification and verification system to increase closing sale ratio done for you.

How Successful Mortgage protection Agents Build Their Business Fast

In the insurance industry getting in front of potential buyers is the lifeline of your career. To be successful in mortgage protection, you want to be the FIRST ONE in front of mortgage holders. 

When a new homeowner in your local area requests more information about benefits, you are notified within seconds, putting YOU right up front to answer the prospect's problem!

This places you front and center while the client is in the moment of thinking about mortgage protection.

When the lead makes it to you, call them quickly, and be prepared to go into depth about their needs and wants. Any successful agent spends more time listening, fact-finding, and responding rather than hard-selling or pushing products.

How are these Mortgage Protection Leads Produced?

  • You put in an order for your area.
  • We send out our mailer that briefly talks about benefits.
  • The prospect calls in to get more information, our system goes over more mortgage protection benefits, and then, prompts them to complete a short questionnaire regarding health and more.
  • After completion, the prospect is told a mortgage protection specialist will be calling them shortly.
  • Regardless if the prospect completes the form or the call in its entirety, you will be sent the lead in real-time, giving you a chance to follow up immediately.

Questions About Mortgage Protection Leads

What are Mortgage Protection leads (Call in)?

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