We now offer 3 different ways where you can get FREE leads!

  1. Refer an agent to us. If the agent you refer has not ordered leads form us in the past 6 months and they place a new order based on your referral, you earn 5 free leads on your next order of leads! If you have an agent to refer, complete this form by clicking here.
  2. Provide us with a video testimonial for our testimonials page and you will earn 5 free leads on your next order! You can simply create a testimonial video on your smartphone or on a webcam. Once created you can share it to us by either texting it to 937-405-1066 or emailing it to matt @ finalexpensesalesleads.com
  3. Once an order completes with us, if you re-order leads within 3 days of your last lead being delivered, you get 2 free leads on that new order!