Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most popular questions we are asked by agents about our final expense leads.

Questions about the leads

Are these Leads Exclusive
Yes, We will generate the lead specifically for you and we even use your name in the script, the leads are never re-sold or given to any other agent. 
How Long Does it Take to get leads
We typically start your order within 48 hours and complete the order within 1 week, some areas may take longer. 
Are Recordings Provided
Yes, you will receive a recording with each lead, the recording takes about 2 days to be uploaded into your back-office, you get the leads the same day they are generated though.
How are the leads delivered
The leads are added to your back-office CRM system and you are also emailed when each new lead is loaded. 
How much do the leads cost
Leads are $28 each.
Are there quantity discounts?
Yes, we do offer volume discounts.
What is the minimum order
20 leads, and this can only be used by one agent, no combining orders and splitting areas. 
Can I say how many leads I want to receive by day or week?
No, our goal is to complete your order as fast as we can, generating only 3-4 leads per day is too hard to control in our large call room, we have many telemarketers working on your order at a time, we do try to spread your order out over a few days though so you do not get all leads at one time. 
Will the telemarketers use my name on the call
Yes, our telemarketers will use your first name when making calls for you, this will help in your efforts when contacting the leads back as they will be expecting a contact from you.
What percentages of these leads turn into sales
Every agent will experience different results, on average our leads will close into a sale about 20-25% of the time, over time.  Over time means that you will not always close the sales right away but if you continue following up and working your leads you can end up achieving these results.  Some agents are closing 30-35% of the leads. 
What days and times are the calls made
We typically make calls Monday through Saturday 9 AM – 9 PM and if necessary will work on Sundays to catch up.  We do abide by any call time regulations in the various states. 
Can zip codes be used instead of counties
Yes, but only in highly populated areas.  80% of the people in are on the Do Not Call list and this reduces the number of people we can call on.  In most cases we will require 4-5 counties to start an order, we need enough people to load into the dialers to make it work right and deliver your leads in a timely fashion.  If you provide us 5 counties and there are more than enough to start in just one of them, we will start in one or two and add the others as needed.


Replacements and Refunds

Do you offer refunds
Yes, but not for any lead that has been delivered or generated by the time the refund request is received.  We will refund an order only if we are unable to complete it, this may happen in certain areas of the country where telemarketing approach does not work very well, if you give us a large enough area, this typically will not happen.   Refunds will not be honored for what you may consider a bad lead, if we consider it to be a bad lead, we will replace it.
What is the replacement policy
Every lead we send to you has gone through our Quality control department and the call has been reviewed for quality.  We do not send leads to you that have not met our quality standards or was pushed by the telemarketer.  If you feel the lead was pushed or is not a good lead, we encourage you to listen to the recording and then if you feel it is not quality, print the lead out and complete a Lead Replacement Request form and fax it to us, we will then review the lead and make a decision as to whether or not we will replace the lead, most times we do not.  We see it a lot after our caller hangs up with the lead, the prospect will have a change of heart and then tell the agent somethign different, this is out of our control and will not be replaced.
What if I can't reach a lead
Many agents will stop by the house if they can not reach the person by telephone.  Not being able to reach a lead does not qualify for a replacement or refund.
What if the prospect says they never spoke to anyone
Listen to the recording and you will see in fact they did speak to us and showed an interest in hearing form you. 
What if they say they told the telemarketer they already have insurance
Listen to the recording and you can find out if that is true or not.  If it is true our telemarketers are provided the chance to use one rebuttal and re-pitch them, more than one rebuttal is a forced lead and we will not send you those, if we do we will replace it. 
What if the number is disconnected when I call
This could be temporary, continue to call back or even stop by, it was not disconnected when we called them and if you are following up with your leads in a timely manner chances are it wont be disconnected when you call, if it is knock on their door.
What if I get duplicate leads
  If you get duplicate leads within any 60 day time frame of each other we will replace the duplicate lead.  All of our leads are recycled every 60 days.