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How Do I Get Started With My Order

How do I put in my order?

Can I order over the phone?

Questions About Leads

Are these leads exclusive?

Are recordings of the calls provided?

How much do the leads costs?

What is the minimum order?

What percentage of these leads turn into sales?

What is the age range of the leads?

What is the income levels of the leads?

Can I use zip codes instead of counties?

How long does it take to get leads?

How are the leads delivered to me?

Are there discounts for large orders?

Will the telemarketer use my name on the call?

What days and times are the calls being made?

Are the leads scrubbed against the DNC List?

Can I print out my leads?

Can I listen to a sample call?

Replacement and Refunds

Do you offer refunds?

What if I can't reach a lead by phone?

What if they said they already have insurance?

What is the replacement policy?

What if the prospect says they never spoke to anyone?

What if the number is disconnected when I call?

What if I get duplicate leads?

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