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Final Expense Leads: A Guide to Purchasing

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Within just 10 years, every baby boomer will be 65 or older.

Many of them will be in the market for final expense insurance. As an agent selling these policies, there’s never been a better time to grow your business. 

Purchasing final expense leads is a great way to do this. But not all leads are created equal.

Keep reading for our complete guide to purchasing final expense leads to learn how to make the most of your purchase and boost your sales.

Why Buy Final Expense Leads?

Purchasing final expense leads can is an easy and affordable way to generate new business.

Lead generation tactics can often be hit or miss. You can save time and money on these marketing efforts by purchasing leads.

When you buy final expense leads, you’ll be connected to a potential customer who has already expressed interest in purchasing this type of insurance. This makes a lot more sense than wasting time on people who aren’t at all interested in purchasing a policy.

You’ll also have more time to work with your existing client base.

Choosing Quality Leads

While purchasing final expense leads can give you a head start on selling final expense insurance, your success will only be as good as your leads. This is why it’s so important to buy quality leads.

When you pay for final expense leads, you’re making an investment in your own business. You should do your due diligence before making a purchase to ensure you get the most return on that investment.

You don’t want to buy leads based on price alone. The cost of final expense leads varies and deals that seem too good to be true probably aren’t worth your time or money.

However, price isn’t always an indicator of quality. It is possible to find a good deal when you know what to look for.

The price of leads can vary between different sellers and based on the filters you are looking for. Generally speaking, super cheap leads aren’t likely to provide much value. This is because valuable leads are ones in which the customer has expressed some interest in purchasing final expense insurance.

Cheap, low-quality leads usually involve little to no real interest from the customer.

Look for the Option to Filter Leads

Quality leads come with information about a customer including demographics, coverage amounts, and contact information. You should always look for the option to filter leads based on the criteria you select.

These filters commonly include coverage amount, age, and location.

Some agents might opt to receive all leads. The point is that you should be able to filter the leads you receive based on the needs of your business.

Be Skeptical of Free Leads

If you come across an offer for free leads, you are right to be skeptical.

As you might expect, there’s a good chance these leads aren’t really free. These leads often require some sort of deposit or fee that you can’t get back, even if you aren’t charged for leads and aren’t happy with the service.

However, some trustworthy companies can offer free leads as an incentive to try out their product or for referring another agent. The important thing is that you vet each company to make sure you are getting a quality product.

The best final expense lead sellers stand by their product. This means that if a lead turns out to be invalid, they will offer you a return or exchange.

The best lead providers will also give you the opportunity to try their product out and see if it works for you without requiring a commitment. You should try out a final expense lead provider and try refining your strategy to make sure it works for you before signing any dotted lines.


The Importance of Timing

When purchasing final expense leads, you should take the timeline of the leads into account.

As an insurance professional, you no doubt understand the importance of timing in this industry. The best quality leads are the closest to real-time. Delayed leads are less likely to result in a sale because the customer may have lost interest by the time you get to them.

Final expense insurance tends to sell quickly, so timing is key. Certain types of leads are less valuable because of this.

For example, direct mail leads tend to have lower response rates because of the timeline involved. By the time customers receive the mailer, respond, and are contacted by you, they are likely to have either lost interest or purchased a policy elsewhere.

Look for leads that offer more favorable timelines. These types of leads provide you with a direct link to a customer who is seriously interested in the product.

In this day and age, customers expect near-instant responses from businesses and stellar customer service. When you purchase quality leads, you’ll be able to provide that for them and get a head start toward earning their business.

The best leads are sent in real-time and are driven from web searches or telephone calls.

Buy Final Expense Leads Today

As an agent, you can save time and money by purchasing final expense leads. You’ll also gain an edge over your competition.

If you are looking to buy final expense leads, you’ve come to the right place. We offer high-quality final expense leads at a price you’ll love.

We’ve been selling the best leads for over 15 years and offer an experience that can’t be beaten.

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