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final expense leads

Final expense leads are the name of a person who has expressed some interest in buying a final expense insurance policy from an agent.  Our final expense leads that we provide to the agent provides more than just a name though, we provide the agent with the following information Name, Address, Tele Phone number, Age, Quote Amount, and the name of the beneficiary.   We generate our final expense leads with live telemarketers from our call center.  We start with a cold calling list of people in your geographical area who are between 50-85 years old and have income levels of $15k-$50k and sometimes a little higher like up to $75k.  Once we have that list it gets scrubbed against the DNC list and we start calling to find people who are interested in this type of insurance.  Once we find an interested person we provide their information to you via email and through our online CRM system where you can view the lead, print it out, and edit the final expense leads information.

Here are four sample Final Expense Leads you can listen to.

We have removed any personally identifying information.

Other Types of Final Expense Leads

Some companies will sell you different types of leads such as internet generated senior life leads, voice broadcaster leads, direct mail leads, and TV leads.  Lets take a look at what each of these final expense leads types are and why we do not recommend them.

Direct Mail Final Expense Leads

Direct mail Final Expense Leads can be great in some areas as long as the return response is high. Typically you will spend $450 or more on a 1,000 piece mailer and yield a 1-1.5% response rate. This gets you approximately 10-15 final expense leads for $450.  You do not know if these people are healthy, if they have a bank account, or if they just happen to be habitual responders to direct mail.  I have heard of agents who pay for a direct mail final expense leads order and only get 1-2 leads, one guy didn’t get any! That’s a lot of money to spend for nothing.

Voice Broadcaster Final Expense Leads

This use to be the best lead in town, in fact this is how we generated our final expense leads when we first started, but then Sept 1, 2009 hit and all of a sudden it was 100% illegal.  Many people say its not illegal and its not black and white, let me tell you this, it is 100% illegal and the fines are very hefty.  The FTC just gave away $50,000 to someone who had the best idea on how to stop people from still doing this.  Stay away from anyone who tells you it is ok to voice broadcast, robo call, or any other phrase they may be calling it.

Voice Broadcasting is taking a pre-recorded message and sending it to thousands of people automatically at a time using a computer device instead of a live person making the calls.  Stay away from this type of marketing or you will be fined, lose your insurance license, and have your appointments with the carriers cancelled.

TV Final Expense Leads

These are final expense leads where a consumer sees a TV commercial about burial insurance and calls in to get a quote.  These leads are typically pretty good final expense leads.  They generally run about $50 each though and it is hard to get them targeted in your local community, they work good for call centers who can do state wide campaigns or even multi state.

Other names for Final Expense Leads

  • Burial Insurance Leads
  • Final Expense Leads
  • Senior Life Insurance Leads
  • Senior Life Leads