Final Expense Telesales System

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Final Expense Telesales System

After many years of working in the final expense market, we have realized many final expense agents want to sell final expense over the phone from their homes.  We have put a system in place to do this, we call it the Final Expense Telesales Platform.  This final expense telesales system is a predictive dialer system loaded with final expense leads.  Once you have signed up for this final expense telesales system, we load into it aged leads in the states you are licensed to sell in.  You can then login and get started.  The system will auto dial each of the leads in the dialer for you, no more manual dialing.  Once a prospect answers the phone, their information will appear on your computer screen and you can start talking to them.

Final Expense Leads

We will load thousands of leads into this final expense telesales dialing platform for you.  These final expense leads are approximately 30-180 days old, which many final expense agents believe is the right time to retarget the people who did not buy the first time around.

Selling Final Expense from Home

Selling final expense by phone from home can be a very lucrative career.  You have one expense which is the system, other than that you do not need to spend any windshield time in the car, no missed appointments, no one leggers, simply people answering their phone and you spending time with them providing quotes and helping them enroll in the right final expense plan for them, all over the telephone.

Find more information on our Final Expense Telesales System here.

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