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The Ultimate Guide on How to Sell Life Insurance Effectively

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What if you had a product that everyone needed?

That's the case when it comes to insurance. Everybody needs different kinds of insurance to protect them throughout their lives. Unfortunately, some people don't realize the true benefits of insurance until it's too late.

Wondering how to sell life insurance more effectively? Keep reading to discover our ultimate guide!

Create An Online Presence

The exact sales methods you use will depend on your exact demographic. Generally, though, it's important for you to establish an online presence in a number of ways.

A clean and polished website is basically "step one." This gives new customers a chance to discover who you are and research the different policies you sell until they are comfortable reaching out.

However, the next step is to fully embrace social media. Try to create accounts across multiple social media platforms and regularly post new content. On the most basic level, doing this helps new customers discover your business. But it also provides a way for customers to reach you without talking on the phone (something that millennial customers like to avoid).

Remember, social media has an added benefit: your satisfied customers can more easily share your content with their friends and family. And armed with this social proof, those same friends and family will be far more likely to trust what you have to sell.

Client-Centric Communication

It's a rookie mistake to think that selling life insurance is just like selling other products. For one thing, most customers are wary of traditional advertisements. And they may worry that you care more about your bottom line than about their health and happiness.

That's why all of your communication must be client-centric. Instead of trying to push a particular policy, ask prospective customers about their specific needs and how they wish to plan for the future.

And try to limit in-person discussion to key points and answers to customer questions. If you talk too long, they may think you are trying to sell them something they don't need. And even if they aren't suspicious on that front, talking too long is a great way to talk yourself out of a potential sale.

With a little practice, you can let your audience do most of the talking while you sit back and listen. And when you do speak, it will be easier to position your products as solutions to what they are most worried about.

In other words, the customers will talk themselves into a purchase rather than you talking them out of one.

Help Them Help Themselves

Once upon a time, "how to sell life insurance" was less of a concern. It was an advertisement-driven business, and sales mostly came down to crafting very persuasive marketing materials.

Now, however, consumers are far more savvy. They are likely to do extensive research on you, your business, and your products before they make a purchase. Instead of fighting against this, it's time for your business to lean into it.

For example, you can offer free content that helps customers make an informed decision. This may range from simple blog posts to engaging videos and entire e-books.

Your audience will be grateful that your content focused on educating them instead of simply pushing for a sale. This builds the kind of customer loyalty that every life insurance specialist dreams of.

As an added bonus, certain types of free content (such as e-books) can be a reward for customers signing up for your mailing list. And the mailing list is another way you can reach out to customers with killer content and ultimately sell insurance more effectively.

Honesty and Transparency

You don't always have to overthink selling life insurance. Sometimes, it's just a matter of determining what this audience actually wants. And the answer to that question starts with honesty and transparency.

Whether it's through your website or through personal consultation, customers want to know all of their possible options. And they are going to need an explanation as to what each one is about using plain and simple language.

Try to make data visual whenever possible. A potential customer may be intimidated by a giant wall of text on your blog. But having the same information in a video and/or an infographic helps make that info more accessible.

When the information is accessible and the salesperson is transparent, then life insurance sales become much easier.

Short and To the Point

We've mentioned video a few times as a great way to inform customers about your products. However, you may fall into the common trap of packing too much info and content into a single video. Instead of making your info more accessible, this can make it seem dense and hard to process.

That's why you should try to make your videos no more than 2 minutes long. That makes it easy for the initial customer to understand, and they'll be more likely to share that video with other people.

What about the video content, though? Generally speaking, we recommend a simple language and simple message. Focus on how life insurance will help the customer solve a problem (even problems they didn't know they had).

With simple content, a hopeful tone, and a promise of solving problems, your videos can win over even the most stubborn customers.

Futureproof Your Techniques

Our last bit of advice sounds simple, but it may be the hardest advice of all: try to future-proof your techniques whenever possible.

The advent of COVID-19 changed how many life insurance companies did business. This naturally led to more remote communication and digital marketing to reach out to audiences. Interestingly, many consumers found they appreciated the ability to conduct more of their business remotely.

By focusing on things like digital marketing and social media, you can create a more secure future for your business. You're not just reacting to the changes of today but preparing for the changes of tomorrow.

How to Sell Life Insurance: What Next?

Now you know more about how to sell life insurance. But do you know who can take your sales to the next level?

We offer leads and other resources you need to create a successful and sustainable company. To see what we can do for you and your business, contact us today!

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