Final Expense Leads Web Redesign and More Telemarketersfinal expense leads

We have just completed the update of our new website design.  We have also upgraded our call center and have added 20 more telemarketers to the roster!  We are ready to generate your final expense leads or medicare supplement leads right away!

Final Expense Leads are and will always be our primary focus in our call center.  We have been generating final expense leads for agents since 2005 and have the best phone script in the market, as a matter of fact, we know that there are other call centers who have taken it over and act like its their own, that’s OK we do not mind!  There are plenty of seniors out there and we really cant call all of them.

Final Expense Leads Fast

Our methods allow us to generate your final expense leads for you very fast or let them trickle in a few final expense leads per day.  Our standard method is to generate your final expense leads 4-6 per day until your order is completed, but sometimes an agent wants their leads all on the first day of the week, we can handle those requests many times (as long as we are not over booked with the same day requests from other agents and as long as your area isn’t to too difficult)

Final Expense Leads Discount

Why not order more than 20 final expense leads at a time and get your cost down.  Many of our long term agents are buying 100 leads at the first of the month and only paying $22 each then we trickle the leads for them throughout the month 20- 25 final expense leads per week.


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