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How to Generate Medicare Supplement Telemarketing Leads

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Are you selling Medicare insurance? This is a smart move.

According to projections, Medicare enrollment is predicted to rise by 7.2% over 2021-2030. This is higher than Medicaid, private health insurance, and hospital spending.

In other words, there are a lot of Medicare Supplement leads out there. But, you need to know how to find these leads before you can start selling to them.

Telemarketing has gotten a bad rap over the years, but it still remains a powerful avenue for reaching new leads, especially if you’re selling Medicare Supplement insurance.

Not sure how to generate telemarketing leads for Medicare? Keep reading to find out three key strategies.

Benefits of Telemarketing Leads

Before we get into some of the ways you can generate Medicare telemarketing leads, let’s take a look at some of the advantages of telemarketing.

As we said above, telemarketing has come under fire in recent years. To start, a lot of consumers dislike being cold-called and harassed into buying products.

This is entirely understandable. Nobody wants to be disturbed by random salespeople trying to force them into making purchases they’re not interested in.

Fortunately, modern-day telemarketing doesn’t have to look like this.

Marketing, in general, is shifting away from hard selling. Instead, agents and marketers are focusing more on building relationships, serving prospects’ needs, and nurturing leads through the buyer journey.

Medicare Supplement Leads May Welcome Your Call

Although it is a direct approach, telemarketing can still fit into modern-day marketing, especially when it comes to Medicare.

The reality is that Medicare Supplement insurance can feel like a minefield for consumers. They know they need additional coverage, but picking the right Supplement plan can be very confusing.

Consumers who are struggling to figure out what Medicare Supplement insurance to take out might welcome a call from a knowledgeable agent who can help them solve their problems.

Telemarketing Is Interactive

Another benefit of telemarketing is that it offers a personalized, interactive experience.

Nowadays, a lot of consumers are forced to make major buying decisions without ever speaking to another human who can offer assistance.

Most Medicare Supplement leads are usually between the ages of 66-80. They might prefer being able to talk directly over the phone to a real person who’s willing to help them, rather than being forced to go through online channels.

Telemarketing also allows you to quickly and easily explain what you’re selling, and reach more leads in less time.

Through Cold Calling

One of the most basic ways you can generate telemarketing leads is through cold calling. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, cold calling involves calling up potential leads. These leads haven’t expressed an interest in Medicare and are unqualified.

During the initial call, you can gauge their level of interest and qualify the lead.

Cold calling works best if you do some initial lead scoring. For instance, you definitely shouldn’t be calling up potential leads who aren’t part of your target demographic.

If you carry out cold calling, you will need to be prepared for high levels of rejection. You’ll also need to be prepared to conduct a high volume of calls, as you’ll essentially be manually qualifying all your prospects.

Not only will you need to get through as many numbers as possible, but you’ll also need to follow up. Stats show that 44% of sales reps do not follow up after a negative response. This means that the majority of reps (56%) do conduct follow-up calls to prospects, even if the initial response was negative.

This might sound like you’re harassing the prospect, but it’s actually very similar to retargeted advertising. Retargeted ads display to people who have already shown an interest in your offerings through some action, such as visiting your website.

Retargeted ads serve to remind prospects of their interest in you. Follow-up calls to prospects who initially had a negative response can work in the same way.

Through Your Website

Another way you can generate telemarketing leads is through your website or other organic avenues. For instance, if someone downloads a lead magnet or signs up for your newsletter, you could ask for their phone number.

You can also ask visitors to enter their numbers when they fill out your contact form. Instead of emailing them back, what could show more personalized attention than a direct phone call?

Through Paid Ads

Paid ads on social media are another way you can generate Medicare Supplement leads. For instance, have you ever clicked on a FaceBook ad that prompts you to call a number?

This is known as a ‘Click to Call’. If you set up a click-to-call ad, prospects can reach you on the phone within a few taps.

This can be a powerful source of telemarketing leads, especially if you’re targeting older demographics.

Buy Ready-To-Go Medicare Telemarketing Leads

Although it is more than possible to generate your own Medicare Supplement leads, it’s often more profitable and streamlined to purchase telemarketing leads from a provider.

Buying leads allows you to focus on what you do best—selling. Instead of spending the majority of your time generating new leads, you can zero in on your sales approach.

Generating and accurately scoring leads can be very time-consuming. If you don’t qualify your leads properly, you could waste even more time contacting leads that don’t have a hope of converting. You could also get into hot water if you don’t ensure your leads aren’t on the DNC list.

Buying leads eliminates all of this. If you purchase high-quality leads from a trusted provider you can rest assured that they’re qualified and ready to work.

Here at Final Expense Sales Leads, we’re invested in your success. This is why all of our telemarketing leads:

  • Come with proof of quality
  • Are scrubbed against the DNC list
  • Are fresh
  • Are 100% exclusive
  • Are Interested in hearing from you
  • Know your name and know you’re the one who’ll be calling them

We also pride ourselves on fast turnarounds on our lead orders and secure delivery.

Looking For High-Quality Medicare Telemarketing Leads? We Can Help

Telemarketing might not be as fashionable as it once was, but it’s still a powerful sales strategy. You can generate your own Medicare Supplement leads through cold calling like a traditional telemarketer, through your website, or through paid ads.

However, if you want to save time and secure high-quality leads with minimum effort, you can also purchase Medicare Supplement leads to work.

With Final Expenses Sales Leads, you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting the best quality leads at the best prices.

Browse our telemarketing leads today to place your first order.

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