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How to Sell Life Insurance Successfully to Get Long Term Residuals

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Whether you are a selling life insurance newbie or you've been in the game a while, there is always something you can learn about selling life insurance to clients.

Do you want to ensure how best to close those important sales and deals?  Read our handy guide on how to sell life insurance successfully.

Don't be left in the dark or fall behind when it comes to the art of persuasion and negotiation

Use a Life Insurance Leads Service

Are you wasting valuable time trying to track down valuable leads and clients that are looking for final expense insurance? Perhaps you are putting all your effort into finding these leads and coming up short.

Use a final expense leads service who can do all that hard work for you, leaving you to focus your energy on building those important relationships with clients. 

You can specify and target valuable leads with the parameters you require such as particular states and counties.

You can relax knowing those potential sales are winging their way to your inbox in as little as 4 to 10 working days.

Don't bother messing around with the grunt work of tracking down your leads, use a professional service to do that for you!

Learn from a Mentor or Co-worker

Everybody can use feedback on their sales pitch, no matter how experienced they are. Practice your sales pitch and get them to act out different scenarios with different types of clients.

After this feedback on your overall performance. Ask them what they would have done and what you can do to improve. Perhaps you can even role reverse and provide feedback for them as well.

A mentor figure is always really handy in the sales business. Choose someone you respect and admire for their strong selling skills.

Insurance salespeople can always be learning tips and tricks for selling, see if you can implement some of their strategies with future clients.

Find a Common Ground

The most important thing in a client and customer relationship is trust. As a salesperson you want to try and develop a rapport with someone quickly, but not in an overly aggressive way.

Find common ground with them.

Do you happen to live in the same area? Do you have children of a similar age? Are you supporters of the same sports team?

Try and find something to bond over which naturally lends itself to developing a better relationship which then will eventually lead to trust.

Use Your Mistakes as Guidance

Even seasoned sales professionals aren't going to get everything right every time. You might say the wrong thing or act a certain way which ultimately leads to an unfavorable outcome. 

Instead of seeing this as a negative thing and dwelling on it, use the experience as a learning curve to prevent yourself from making similar mistakes in the future.

Ask yourself what you could or said differently and make sure you don't make that same mistake again in the future if a similar situation arises.

The key thing is not to dwell on your failures, see them as an opportunity for reflection and growth. Don't beat yourself up over past errors. Look at how you can provide better solutions in the future.

Listen More, Speak Less!

Every salesperson has probably been guilty of talking too much in a sale or deal when actually the best thing you can do is listen.

Potential clients are looking for policies like final expense insurance because they are wanting to provide and guarantee costs are covered for their loved ones in the event of their death.

You need to allow them space and breath for them to tell their story. They might have had a traumatic experience or bereavement close to them, hence why they are looking for life insurance.

Be sympathetic and a good listener to your clients. They will be put off by a salesperson who doesn't allow them to get a word in edgewise. 

One Size Does Not Fit All

Never try to practice or develop the same sales pitch as a one size fits all method. Everyone is different and will respond differently to how you approach selling.

Use your emotional intelligence and try to work out how best to respond to your potential client. A quieter or shy client might need a bit of a confidence boost or more hand-holding.

A more outgoing or domineering one, you might even need to take a back seat and let them do the work. Figure out your potential client's personality and adapt your method accordingly.

Act and Speak Professionally

Listen to how you conduct yourself on the phone. Do you think you sound professional enough for your clients? Are you sure your manner of speech is appropriate at all times?

It can be draining if you are spending hours on calls every day but you need to maintain a high standard of conversation at all times. Learn five new words every week and try to use them in your pitches. 

By broadening your vocabulary and challenging your use of language it shows a level of intelligence that will enable trust from your potential clients.

How To Sell Life Insurance Successfully: How Can I Find Out More?

We hope you have learned a few top tips and tricks in our guide on how to sell life insurance successfully. If you can implement some of these ideas into your daily working life, we are sure you'll be raking in the deals in no time.

If you have any further queries or questions about selling life insurance or how to get valuable Final Expense leads, why not contact us directly? 

You shouldn't have to worry about generating those quality leads, let them come to you instead!

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