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How to Use Facebook to Generate Medicare Supplement Leads

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According to the stats, over-50s are the second biggest demographic on Facebook. 

This fact alone makes Facebook the ideal platform for generating Medicare supplement leads

Besides having a strong user base of seniors, Facebook also offers some of the most targeted advertising opportunities around. If you target ads correctly, you can bring your cost per lead down, and trigger high engagement rates with your ads. 

What's more, Facebook offers a huge market place, with 68% of Americans accessing the platform every day, and 51% accessing it multiple times per day. 

However, to take advantage of all the opportunities Facebook offers, you have to know the steps involved in Facebook lead generation. Otherwise, you might waste both your time and your ad budget. 

Don't let that happen. Continue reading and get clued up on how to take your Medicare marketing strategy to Facebook.

Benefits of Facebook for Generating Medicare Supplement Leads

Paid Facebook ads to allow you to reach targeted groups of people. You can control your ad budget, and—providing you've structured your ads well—generate immediate leads.

You should also work at generating free leads on Facebook through organic page growth. This is a long-term strategy, which won't net you many leads in the short-term. However, by engaging with your audience, building trust, creating a community, and sharing helpful info related to the products you sell, you can turn your Facebook page into an organic lead generator.

Setting up a Facebook Business Account and Page

If you do not yet have a Facebook page, you need to start by creating a Facebook business account. 

If you actively maintain your page, this can win you leads in the future and gain users' trust. Be sure to populate your business page fully so it looks professional.

If you want to, you can also choose to boost your page for a fee, and this will display it to more people and potentially win you engagement and leads. 

You should also aim to organically grow your page through regular content posting. Once you create an audience through regular posting, you can generate high-quality leads

Besides creating a page, you can also look into creating a Facebook group or a forum. With time and effort, you can grow both of these spaces by providing valuable information and answering questions. 

While you shouldn't neglect these long-term strategies, running ads will allow you to net instant leads. Let's take a look at how to do this.

Creating a Facebook Ad Account

Once you have signed up for a Facebook business account, you'll need to create an ad account to start posting ads to generate medicare supplement sales. 

To do this, navigate to Business Settings on the top right side of your screen when logged into your business account. From here you can click on Ad Accounts and then Create New Ad Account.

Here you can choose your account name, and which page you want to be running ads for. You must also specify your time zone, currency, and your payment method for the ads.

Creating a Medicare Supplement Leads Ad

Congrats! You are ready to create your first Facebook lead generation ad. 

The first thing to do is open up your business manager account in Facebook. Then open your newly created ad manager account under Create & Manage.

Select the Lead Generation Ad Option

The first thing the ad manager will prompt you to do is choose an objective for your campaign. There are multiple options. For the purpose of gaining Medicare supplement leads you should select "lead generation." 

From here, you should give your campaign a name and then click Create Ad Account.

Select Your Business Page

The next step is to specify your account, currency, and timezone. Select your business account and click Continue.

Target Your Ad

Now it's time to start targeting your ad. The first option Facebook will give you is a geographical location. You can pick anything, from the entire US, down to prospective leads within a 50-mile radius.

How you set the location targeting is up to you. If you serve a mainly local client base, you'll probably want to target your town and immediate surroundings. However, if you sell to people all over the country, then keep it broad. 

You should also target age strategically. For instance, if you want to target newly qualifying Medicare leads, you can target your ad to display only to people turning 65 within 3-5 months.

Specify Your Budget

Next, you must specify your ad budget. The amount you spend is up to you. 

A Facebook Medicare lead will generally cost you $25-$35. However, the cost-per-lead can be more or less depending on your area.

Select Your Ad Media and Create a Headline and Ad Text

Now it's time to select your ad media. You can choose between an image or video, and single media, carousel, or slideshow display.

After this, scroll down to input your headline and ad text. After this, choose a call-to-action, such as "sign up."

Add a Form

Because you selected "Lead Generation" as your ad's objective, Facebook supplies a customizable form. 

Adapt this to your needs, but stay away from asking too many questions as this will chase potential leads away. Stick to the basics of name and phone number, and avoid asking for people's birthdays or physical address.

Include Your Privacy Policy

You will also need to link to your site's privacy policy. As you'll be collecting data with your form, this is mandatory. 

Once you complete the Thank You screen, all you have to do is hit Process Order at the bottom of the screen, and you will be all set to draw in those Medicare supplement leads.

Do You Need Medicare Supplement Leads?

It doesn't take a genius to see that Facebook is the ideal spot for generating Medicare supplement leads. Thanks to their senior demographics, community-building features, and targeted ads, you can reach warm leads who are looking for solutions. 

While you can do DIY Facebook ads, you can also access Medicare leads faster and cheaper from Final Expense. We do all the work for you, sourcing high-quality and high-intent Facebook leads for Medicare supplements. After verifying the leads to make sure they are qualified, we then pass them on to you. 

The best part? Our leads cost the same or less as what you'd pay running a lead generation strategy on Facebook— with none of the work.

Want to work smart, not hard? Purchase our high-quality Facebook Medicare supplement leads here.

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