Insurance Agent Facebook Ads On Autopilot

Self-generate high-quality Facebook insurance leads, close 20 - 30% of YOUR leads without relying on lead vendors. Use our proven follow-up system that comes with up to 200 FREE LEADS!

This system can be used for Final Expense, Mortgage Protection, Medicare and Health lead generation.

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How Will This Course Help You?

  • A step-by-step course that gives you plug-and-play templates, copy and paste ads, laser targeting, and comprehensive video & pdf walkthroughs to create a high converting low-cost Facebook Ad machine.
  • With the help of Agent Autopilot, you will be able to connect with your leads instantly! You will no longer deal with the client objection, "I don't remember filling this out".
  • Contacting your leads within 30 seconds increases your chances of closing by 150%!
  • Use our trained Virtual Assistant (Nova) to follow-up automatically with each lead you generate via text and email!
  • Our pre-built calendar landing page to schedule appointments with your own FB leads. The system will send a reminder to your prospects via email and text. Rid yourself of the client objection, "I completely forgot about this appointment!".

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Here's What You'll Get:

A total value of $15,872 in features, tools, and software.

Copy & Paste Ads

You will get templates for almost every insurance niche imaginable. Headlines, Ad Copy, Creatives, Images, Targeting, Landing Pages, Instant Forms..everything you need!

Weekly Training Zooms

Dive into your Ad Account each week with our team to help you set up your ads, optimize them, and generate low cost/high quality leads!

Comprehensive Setup & Ads Maintenance

Complete walkthroughs for your Ad Account and Business Page setup. Including video and PDF training materials.

60 Days of Agent Autopilot for FREE

You have to send your Facebook Leads somewhere. Agent Autopilot integrates directly with Facebook!

Utilize Our Trained Virtual Assistant

Have our trained Virtual Assistant work entirely FREE to follow-up with your leads via email, text and organize your leads in the pipeline!

Retarget Your Leads

Learn to generate more revenue by retargeting individuals who have watched a % of your video or have seen your landing page but not become a lead!

Scale Your Ads

Use our step-by-step walkthroughs to create high-quality ads and learn how to maintain & grow them yourself or have a virtual assistant do it for you!

Pre Built - Proven Landing Page (Agent Autopilot Feature)

Take advantage of our proven landing pages to filter your leads and capture their information!

Instant Call Connect (Agent Autopilot Feature)

Call your leads within 30 seconds of being generated with Agent Autopilot's call connect feature!

Utilize Our Artificial Intelligence - NOVA (Agent Autopilot Feature)

Quickly responding to leads is key, let Nova do it for you. Nova is our appointment setting A.I. that will respond to your facebook leads, check your calendar, and schedule appointments on her own!

Appointment Scheduling (Agent Autopilot Feature)

Drive people to your online calendar where they can book a time to speak with you. Once they book, Agent Autopilot will send them reminders so they show up!

200 FREE Leads (Agent Autopilot Feature)

Receive 200 exclusive leads generated in your area dropped right into your autopilot system.

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We want to make sure yOU succeed and make more money while you learn this NEW high-income skill...

Here are 3 BONUSES that are WORTH Thousands of $$$!!!!!!

Bonus 1: Agent Autopilot FREE for 60 Days (Total Value - $1,200):

Seamlessly integrate your facebook ads with agent autopilot. You have to have somewhere to send leads anyway, might as well send them to the automation tool designed by insurance agents for insurance agents!

Bonus 2: Quick Start Lead Package! (Total Value - $1200):

Agent Autopilot provides you with 200 Exclusive leads for free. Dropped into your account automatically in the first 2 weeks.

Have the system reach out to these leads and book appointments with them FOR YOU with the help of your own virtual assistant.

See Bonus 3!

Bonus 3: Have your OWN virtual assistant managed by us: (Total Value - $899):

We will provide you with a virtual assistant that will show you agent autopilot top to bottom.

They will also upload your contacts into the system, reach out to those contacts via text, email, and voice mail, and hand off the responsibility to NOVA (our appointment setting aI) who will book these leads on your calendar for you!

We manage the virtual assistant For Agent autopilot ourselves so all you need to worry about is to call the warm leads who have raised their hands and show up to the appointment nova has booked for you from the leads we give you!


We know our program will work, but if for any reason you get in there and disagree, we will give you a lead credit for instant life, final expense, medicare, or health leads through agent autopilot (your choice!) equal to or greater than what you paid for the course!

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