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Insurance Agents: 6 Reasons You’re Struggling to Generate Leads

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If you’re an insurance agent, finding leads to generate sales is a part of the business. There are many ways insurance agents can get leads, such as referrals, online forms, and even buying leads.

But you may struggle to generate leads. After all, there are 7,000 businesses in the insurance industry, creating lots of competition between you and other agents.

But there could be other reasons why you’re struggling to generate leads. Here are six common reasons why you may struggle to land high-quality leads and what to do about it.

1. You Have an Unappealing Website

Today’s insurance customer is changing. They no longer respond to cold calls.

Instead, most customers will want to research your insurance company before signing up.

This is where your website comes in. Your website can offer an explanation of your products and services, as well as state what separates you from competitors. Finally, your website features a CTA (Call To Action) — usually a contact form — where prospects can contact your company.

From here, you can generate a lead.

There can be other reasons why your website is failing to generate the leads you want. Some reasons why your customers may jump off of your website include:

  • Your website doesn’t load well
  • Too much text or not enough
  • Your website isn’t secure

Plus, your website should be easy to navigate. If your customer can’t even find out how to contact your business, they may choose a competitor instead.

2. Your Existing Strategy Isn’t Working

All insurance agents develop a strategy they think is the golden ticket to landing new leads. This may include cold calling or cold emailing, meeting prospects at events, and even investing in social media marketing. But if your existing strategy isn’t working, it’s worth trying something new.

You should also know who your audience is. Let’s say you’re selling business insurance.

Are you attending the right events and conferences to meet business owners?

This also applies to personal insurance. If you’re relying on cold calling, your prospects may find this intrusive.

If either situation sounds familiar, try changing up your strategy to see if that generates more leads.

3. Your Customers Don’t Know the Next Step

In any type of lead generation, the strategy ends with a clear CTA. This CTA is usually a contact form or phone number so prospects can reach out to you.

No matter what your CTA is, this is one of the most integral parts of your campaign because it gives prospects a clear next step.

But what if your customer doesn’t know that next step?

You could create the best content and place your ads everywhere. But if customers don’t know how to contact you or what that next step entails, your efforts will be wasted.

Include clear contact information on your website and your business’s Google My Business page. This ensures your customers know the next step.

4. You’re Not Creating Content

As stated previously, the modern customer wants to research your brand before signing up for your insurance products. They may even want to learn more about insurance before choosing a company. That’s why content creation is one of the best lead generation strategies.

If you’re not providing customers with this information, you’re missing out on a massive promotional strategy that can result in more leads.

What if you are making content but are still failing to draw in leads? Take a look at the quality of your content.

Is the writing superb? Are you covering topics that no one else is covering?

The goal of content marketing is to set yourself up as an authoritative source. Therefore, you should set the bar high when it comes to content quality.

Maybe your content isn’t diverse enough. While writing blogs is integral to a content strategy, videos and infographics can also draw in an audience.

5. You Don’t Have a Referral Program

A referral program is not only a great way to grow insurance leads, but you can often do this at a low cost. And if you already have a devoted customer base, referral programs are very easy to implement. If you don’t have a referral program, you could be missing out on a big opportunity.

But what if you have a referral program and it’s not effective?

Take a look at your incentives. There are different types of effective incentives, such as:

  • Raffle drawings
  • Gift cards
  • Discounts
  • Movie or concert tickets
  • Small gifts

Keep in mind that some states may have regulations against referrals for insurance since they may be related to a sale. Be sure to check your local and state governing insurance bodies before following through with a referral program.

6. Your Customer Service Isn’t Exceptional

You may not think your customer service skills are one of the great ways to generate leads. Even though the modern lead values information, they still expect great customer service. If your initial customer service calls don’t draw in customers, this can be why you’re not generating leads.

Customer service involves more than being friendly. As an insurance agent, the best course of action is to answer any questions. You should also make the conversation related to the customer, informing them how insurance can benefit them.

You can do this by getting to know them and recommending insurance products based on their unique situation.

There are also many ways to contact customers. If you only offer phone calls, you could be missing a major audience — specifically, the younger generation. Extend your customer service skills to different platforms, such as email and chat.

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