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medicare supplement leads

The Medicare Supplement Market is and can be a very lucrative market for insurance agents.  We are here to help make sure you have enoughMedicare Supplement Leads or Medicare Supplement Prospects to talk to on a weekly basis.  Our Medicare Supplement Leads program targets Medicare enrollees in your geographical area who are looking to get a quote for a Medicare Supplement insurance policy.  We have been generating these Medicare Supplement Leads for agents now since 2005 and have perfected our script which ensures you are receiving only top quality Medicare supplement leads.

Medicare Supplement Leads Information

All of our Medicare Supplement leads are generated with live telemarketers.  We start out by obtaining a list of Medicare enrollees in your geographical area, we then take that list and scrub it against the National DNC list and load it into our predictive dialer.  Once your name is on the Medicare Supplement Leads schedule in our call room, our marketers will start calling on your campaign each day until your order is completed. While generating the Medicare supplement leads our marketers will confirm the person is looking for a Medicare Supplement Quote, is on Medicare A&B, has a valid bank account, once this is confirmed the lead information will be placed into our CRM system which you have access to and the lead will be emailed to your email account on file with us.

Medicare Supplement Leads Pricing

Our Medicare Supplement Leads are priced at just $28 each.

Our Guarantee

As with all of our leads, we guarantee to deliver you the name, address and phone number of people who are interested in your Medicare Supplement products.  Everyone we send you has requested to be contacted by you and provided with a quote on Medicare Supplement insurance.  All Medicare Supplement Leads we provide you with will be at least 64 1/2 years old and either on Medicare now or soon to be on Medicare.  If you feel you may have a lead that is not correct, simply email us and let us know within 24 hours of receiving that lead and at that time we will pull the recording of the call and listen to it.  If we determine, the Medicare supplement leads or lead is not what we promised or the telemarketer seems over pushy or the information is wrong we will either provide you the corrected information or credit you for that lead.

Medicare Supplement Contracting

If you are looking for an IMO partner to join with and need contracts we can help you with that, just let us know and we will partner you up with the right IMO for you, sometimes you may even then get a discount on our Medicare Supplement leads through the IMO.  Medicare Supplement contracting information is available by simply calling us.

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