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Profitable Advice for Finding a Top Quality Insurance Lead Provider

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Reports show that insurers are gearing up for rapid growth next year.

If you are an independent insurance agent, you know what this means. More growth in the insurance market means more consumer demand and more business for you.

But to enjoy some of this business you need to have leads to work. While you can attract leads organically, purchased leads are one of the easiest sources to tap into. Purchased leads can offer an ongoing stream of business, and keep your books full of clients.

However, you need to buy your leads from a trusted lead provider. If you don’t, you’re likely to get landed with low-quality leads that don’t convert and are a waste of your time and money. 

What’s more, you also want to make sure that the lead provider you pick won’t try to rip you off with hidden fees or lock you into disadvantageous commitments.

Fortunately, there are trustworthy lead providers out there that won’t engage in these tactics. Continue reading to find out how to find a top-quality lead provider today. 

Look For a Lead Provider With a Track Record

One of the first things to vet for when looking for a lead provider is a solid track record in the industry.

If you opt for an established lead provider you can rest easy knowing that they have an established reputation. You can research their track record and check out their social media profiles to see what other agents are saying about them.

With an established lead provider, you also have more assurance that they won’t suddenly close down. After investing time into finding a lead provider, the last thing you want is for them to disappear off the map.

If this happens you might lose the money you’ve already paid for a fresh batch of leads. You will also need to start from scratch and find a new provider.

Unfortunately, stats show that roughly 20% of new businesses shut down within their first year of operation. By the time they have matured, there is less chance of sudden closure.

If you’re looking for a lead provider that has stood the test of time and is well established in the industry, Final Expense Insurance Leads is here for you. We have been supplying agents all over the country with top-quality leads for over 15 years. 

Choose a Provider That Supplies a Range of Lead Types

Another thing to look for in a lead provider is a variety of lead types.

Although you might only be looking to buy Medicare supplement leads or health insurance leads right now, you never know when this might change. At some point in the future, you may decide that you want to diversify the products you sell.

If you suddenly want to buy final expense leads or life insurance leads, the last thing you want to do is hunt around for a new lead provider. If your current provider already sells these lead types, you can simply adapt your order to include these.

Buying insurance leads shouldn’t be time-consuming, and having a lead provider with a diverse range of lead types ensures you won’t have to waste time hopping between providers. 

Keep an Eye Out for Hidden Charges

One of the mistakes to avoid when buying insurance leads is not keeping an eagle eye out for hidden charges.

Unfortunately, there are lead providers out there that don’t mention certain costs and make it difficult for you to work out exactly what you’ll end up paying for your leads. We think this kind of behavior is highly unfair and detrimental to business relationships between providers and agents. 

Therefore, we guarantee our agents zero hidden costs and zero antics. 

Don’t Get Roped Into Long Term Commitments

Another thing to watch out for when buying insurance leads is long-term commitments. Some lead providers will try to lock you into contracts to get you to work exclusively with them. Should you wish to withdraw from the contract before it ends, they might try to penalize you with cancellation fees.

Here at Final Expense Insurance Leads, we don’t believe in locking agents into long-term commitments. We feel that all agents should be free to buy leads from us with no barriers to entry and no fears of cancellation fees. 

With us, you can purchase leads at any time, and stop buying insurance leads whenever you want. We won’t penalize you or try to lock you into any restrictive, unnecessary contracts. 

Vet for Fast Turnarounds

When you’re looking to buy leads, chances are you want them on your desk in a minimum amount of time. The sooner you get your leads, the sooner you can start working on them and the less attrition will occur.

Therefore, make sure that the lead provider you choose has fast turnaround times on lead orders. 

With Final Expense Insurance Leads, provided we have a wide enough area to work with, we can get you your leads in as little as four business days. 

Opt For Exclusive Leads Only

Another thing to prioritize when looking for a lead provider is exclusivity. What this means is that the leads they sell you are exclusive, and they refrain from reselling their lead lists to other providers, agents, or agencies. 

This is very important because it means that you will be the only agent working on the leads. You won’t be competing with another agent for the lead, and the lead won’t be bombarded by a barrage of calls from random agents all vying against each other for a sale.

Get Proof of Lead Quality

When buying insurance leads, it’s essential that you opt for quality over quantity. Low-quality leads are typically a waste of money and a waste of time. 

Instead of spending valuable days working a list of bottom-of-the-barrel leads that will never convert, you’re much better off focusing your energies on high-quality leads that are ripe for conversion.

A lot of providers are quick to state that their leads are top quality when in reality there is nothing to back up this statement. Instead of simply taking providers’ word for it, look for hard evidence of quality in the leads they sell.

We firmly believe the agents deserve a way to verify the quality of leads. Otherwise, what’s to stop providers selling them lists of random contact details?

This is why all of our leads come with proof of their legitimacy. For instance, our telemarketing leads come with a voice recording, and our Facebook leads come complete with a PDF document listing the responses of the prospect. 

Make Sure the Provider Gets Leads’ Permission for You to Contact Them

Another important thing to vet for when buying insurance leads and looking for a good lead provider is consent.

For instance, here at Final Expense Insurance Leads all of our leads have given their express permission for an agent to contact them. This means they are waiting for your call. 

Instead of being annoyed when you reach out and consider it spam—our leads will be expecting an agent to get in contact. You’re likely to get a much warmer reception from leads who have given their consent to being contacted than those who haven’t. 

Not only does this increase the chance of conversions, but it also makes lead follow-up a lot more pleasant for you as an agent.

Stats show that 63% of sales reps say cold calls are the very worst part of the job. If leads are expecting you to ring them up and have given their consent for an agent to contact them, this takes the “cold” part out of calling.

Go With a Provider That Cares About Its Agents

Last but not least, make sure you go with a lead provider that cares about its agents.

At Final Expense Insurance Leads, we know that your success is our success. The better our leads convert, the more sales you will make, and the more leads you will purchase from us in the future. 

We also try to support our agents in various ways, not just by providing quality leads. We also offer agents discounts on tools for running their business, as well as things like discounted licensing. 

Are You Looking for a Lead Provider You Can Trust?

Buying leads can be a pivotal source of sales if you are an independent insurance agent. Organic lead generation takes time to build up, and there are always gaps you can fill with purchased leads.

However, to fully take advantage of the convenience and effectiveness of purchased leads you should get them from a good lead provider. One that you can trust will supply you with high-quality leads and not trick you with hidden fees, long-term commitments, cancellation charges, etc.

If you’re looking for a reputable lead provider with an outstanding track record, quality leads at great prices, and a passion for serving its agents—you’re in the right place.

Final Expense Insurance Leads prides itself on supplying agents with premium quality leads at affordable prices. We care about the agents who work with us and we won’t pull any antics, ever. 

Check out our range of lead types today to get started. 

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