April 6

Quick Tips for Selling Life Insurance

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Are you looking to make money selling life insurance?

Have you wondered how seasoned insurance agents grow their books of business?

The truth is, there has never been a better time to start selling life insurance. Keep reading for our top tips for selling life and final expense insurance.

Focus on Final Expense Insurance

The final expense market is one of the best ways to break into the life insurance sales industry. It's easy to make money and find success with this product if you know what you're doing.

Before you start diversifying, make sure you have a solid base in the final expense market. The fact that many agents only sell final expense insurance is a true reflection of the market.

Your first step is to become committed to selling one thing. When you're really good at that, you can add different types of insurance. Just be sure to make the final expense sale first.

Invest in Yourself

Don't make the mistake of failing to invest in your business. You can start a final expense agency with minimal upfront costs compared to other business ventures.

The difference between agents who succeed and those who fail is how much they invested in their own success. Set aside time weekly to invest in your business.

Don't Be Afraid to Get Personal

Building rapport with your clients is especially important when selling final expense insurance. When you establish a meaningful relationship with your clients, it's easier to ask for referrals.

End of life decisions are something we can all relate to. Broaching the subject with clients can be tricky, but by sharing personal stories and being open you can establish rapport and close the sale.

Look Outside the Box

In general, your target audience for final expense sales will be seniors age 50 or older who are in the low or middle classes. Don't limit yourself to this demographic.

Not only are there opportunities to sell outside of these parameters but there are opportunities to sell final expense insurance as a gift from a family member.

You're Only as Good as Your Leads

When it comes to selling life insurance, you need a consistent source of quality leads to find success. You should make sure you have a solid number of new leads each week as well as leads to follow up with.

Purchasing leads gives you a significant advantage because you'll be working with clients who have already demonstrated interest in the product. Not all lead generation companies are the same.

Make sure you purchase guaranteed leads from a quality source.

Are You Looking to Make Money Selling Life Insurance?

If you're an agent or agency looking to build your book of business and make money selling life insurance and final expense insurance, you need a steady source of leads.

We offer Medicare supplement and final expense telemarketing leads to help you grow your business. Click here to get started purchasing leads today.

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