Final Expense Sales Leads
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Expectations of Final Expense Leads

Like all businesses, the Final Expense market relies on marketing.  The most common source of marketing for most agents is purchasing final expense leads from a Final Expense Lead vendor. There are several types that agents can buy, read more to learn!



Direct mail final expense leads are generally purchased by contacting a mail house and having them send out final expense letters on your behalf in the geographic location you want to work.  Final Expense mail drops are purchased by the thousand and typically cost between $450 and $480 per thousand.  

Your returns for your mail drop will usually be between 1% and 1.5%, or 10-15 final expense leads per thousand pieces mailed.  This translates in a final expense lead cost of  $28.67 to $43.00 per lead.  Agents have been using this method of lead generation for years and unfortunately, they are experiencing diminishing results.  There are many schools of thought when deciding how to work your new direct mail leads.  

Many agents gather up their leads and go knock on the door of the prospect that returned the lead.  Other agents call their leads to schedule appointments.  Then there are agents that do both.  They will call the leads to schedule what they can, and since all the leads are in the same geographic location, they will knock on the doors of the prospects they couldn’t reach.  All in all, agents can expect to realistically close an average of 15%-20% of the leads they purchase, over time.  Ordering mail drops by the thousand and never knowing how many leads you’ll get back makes it difficult to predict lead cost and workflow.


Another source which is growing in popularity is the Exclusive Final Expense Telemarketed Lead.  What makes this lead exclusive?  At Final Expense Sales Leads, the agent’s name is mentioned several times during the call so the prospect will know who the agent is and why they are being contacted by the agent.  Similar to direct mail, agents choose the geographic location they prefer to work.  

The data is then purchased in the desired area of people between the ages of 50 and 80, with a minimum income of $15,000 (these numbers may be adjusted by the agent).  The list is then run through the National Do Not Call Registry to remain compliant.  Whatever numbers are left are the people that will be called on the agent’s behalf.  Unlike direct mail, the prospect always knows why you are calling because of the amount of information gathered on the lead.  Agents will know name, address, phone number, tobacco status, how much insurance the prospect wants, and who their beneficiary will be.  

After all this information is gathered, the telemarketer will then confirm that the prospect wants to be contacted by the agent.  All leads must pass quality control prior to being emailed to the agent.  Closing ratios on Exclusive Telemarketed Final Expense Leads average between 20% and 25% over time.  Agents like the ability to plan their work week and predict their marketing costs.  If you want to work 20 leads a week, order 20 leads a week.


It’s obvious that every agent has the same goal when purchasing leads.  MAKING MONEY!  Purchasing leads should be viewed as an investment, not an expense.  To stay in business it is necessary to invest in your business.  You can’t expect consistent income if you don’t market consistently.

 I have had agents upset with me because they only sold 3 out of their 10 leads they purchased.  The other 7 leads were junk.  I always point out the returns they have realized on their 10 lead investment.  Even if they only have a 50% commission, they would have tripled their money.  It’s not realistic to expect to sell every lead you purchase.  

We need to think about what kind of returns we’re getting on our money.  I know of no better way to make sizable, quick returns in the insurance industry than by selling Final Expense Insurance and purchasing leads from Final Expense Sales Leads.