Recruiting Insurance Agents and Building a Team

Recruiting Insurance Agents

In order to build a business, you need a team of people selling.  By using our Agency Builder tools, we can help you grow your business.  If you are new and want to get started recruiting insurance agents and only want a few agents or if you are a carrier with thousands of agents already and want to continue adding more, we can help!

The Insurance Recruiting Tools

Once you have a list ready, its time to decide how you want to use it.  We offer  voice broadcasting, website design, SEO services.  We can help you come up with an advertisement for your agency and start sending this ad to licensed insurance agents.  If you need help to recruit insurance agents, we can do all of the work for you with these tools or you can purchase the tools and recruit insurance agents yourself.

Many agents/agencies will want a CRM system and we have reviewed them all and will be able to help recommend one that will fit your budget and style.

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Matt McCray

Author Matt McCray

I have been in the insurance field now for over 12 years, I have won numerous awards and trips for top agent and top agency. I now dedicate my time to helping others develop their own sales and agency growth.

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