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Flexible and Profitable: 7 Top Tips to Sell Life Insurance From Home

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Most of us have developed the morning routine of walking from our bed to the desk in our living room.

We've done away with the morning car commutes, listening to our favorite songs before we step into the office. You may have even found yourself missing talking to people by the vending machines. 

If you've been left without a job or needing a different one, you probably feel overwhelmed and defeated. There may have been a job waiting for you that you haven't even considered yet!

That job would be selling insurance. Below are 7 tips on how to sell life insurance from home to make money during the quarantine.

1. Utilize Video Calls

Even if you can't have a client sitting in your office with you, do what you can to chat face-to-face. Video calls are the best route of communication. 

You'd be surprised at how many people know how to work smartphones and laptops to make video calls. Explore your options on what platform to use and help your customers set up the call. Look into things like Google Duo or Zoom.

Email your client to ask what times they're free and if they have access to a smartphone or laptop camera. Send them an invite link to your chat in an email, and include short instructions on how to set everything up. 

Make sure they know how to use the microphone and inform them to download any needed apps. Setting them up for success before the call will decrease stress. 

By using video to chat, you'll be able to pick up on their body language and emotions. This will increase your confidence while talking, and you'll be sure to make plenty of sales.

2. Dress the Part

Even though you're just lounging around home, it's best to dress for success. Develop a solid morning routine to prepare for a successful day. 

Make sure to shower, brush your teeth, fix your hair, and pick out a professional outfit. If you're too uncomfortable sitting in slacks all day, make sure your top is professional for the camera. You may be able to sneak sweatpants being seated all day.

Set everything out at night to make for an easier morning. Pick out your tie or blouse, and don't forget to break out the steamer. 

If you prepare at night, you'll have more time to sip coffee and eat breakfast in the morning. Don't forget to order some groceries so you can have some fresh eggs before making calls.

3. Stay Organized

It's easier to stay organized in an office, using filing cabinets and desks. You've probably lost some of your organizational habits while transitioning to working from home.

You'll have to get creative! If you don't own a desk, purchase one or convert half of your kitchen table into a desk. Order a calendar, and grab some basic office supplies.

Make notes of who you need to call and people you need to follow-up with. Type out email templates to streamline your process, and try to keep contained to one space during the day.

Moving around your apartment or home too much may cause you to be distracted. If you do need to move around, leave your supplies at your desk, and walk around the living room for a few minutes.

4. Stay Focused

Any sales or commission-based job takes discipline and strategy, especially selling life insurance. Don't lose out on important sales by becoming distracted or unmotivated. 

Take the time to create an effective workplace in your home. Make sure you're away from any other people who might be living at home as well. They'll make noise throughout the day. 

Always get a full night of rest, and don't forget to practice self-care during the quarantine. Both of these things promote an alert mind. 

If you do take a break during the day, set a timer for yourself. Don't lay your head down and wake up several hours later. It's tempting while you're at home!

5. Develop Virtual Documents

Do your clients need to sign a few documents? Thanks to the power of technology, you can create virtual documents they can sign by using a smartphone or laptop.

Make sure all of your documents are easy to read on the screen and test any applications you use before sending documents to clients. The easier, the better. 

By using electronic documents, clients won't have to locate a printer if they don't have one. It'll also keep everyone safer and lower the use of paper. Most insurance companies provide electronic formats, use them!

6. Continue to Focus on the Client

When working in an office, it's easier to truly talk with and understand the needs of your client. Even if it's a little more difficult to connect these days, doing what's best for the client is still important.

An example of this would be offering a Final Expense Life Insurance package if your client is thinking about purchasing life insurance but struggles with money. By offering a Final Expense package, you're offering a more affordable opportunity that also provides a greater chance of being approved.

You also have to keep in mind they may have lost life insurance by being laid off due to the pandemic. Finances will be tight for them! 

7. Take Time to Improve

Do you want to better yourself as a life insurance agent? Take time to build your education and skills. 

You can sign up for virtual seminars or work towards becoming a Certified Insurance Counselor. By taking initiative, you could find yourself with better bonuses and greater job opportunities. 

There's no better time to improve ourselves than right now while we're stuck at home.

Try The Above Tips While You Sell Life Insurance From Home

It can be tough to sell life insurance from home, especially if you were used to working from an office. The above tips are sure to set you up for success.

Make sure to always hold high standards of accountability and professionalism, even when working from home. Utilize technology by exploring video chat and virtual document options. Even if you can't be with them, keep the customer in mind. 

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