Terms and Conditions

In these terms and conditions “we”, “us”, “our”, and “the FESL” means Final Expense Sales Leads.com.


We provide insurance agents with a service of generating final expense leads or other types of insurance leads.  These leads are generated by our telemarketers who have all been trained to follow and use our script when generating these final expense leads or other types of insurance leads.  You as the buying agent purchase our lead generating services in advance and we promise to deliver these leads to you in a fair amount of time.

Lead Quality

All of our leads are generated the same way as any other lead is generated by us.  We utilize telemarketers to read a script and find parties who may be interested in receiving a quote form you the agent.  We ask specific questions and provide the answers to these questions to you the agent.  We do not guarantee the quality of any lead and all leads are sold as is.

Final Expense Lead Criteria

We will ask the following questions to each lead we deliver to you.  Quote amount, name of beneficiary, tobacco, you or you and a spouse.  The prospect must answer favorably and within our guidelines for the lead to be considered a valid lead.  We will provide you with contact information, telemarketers name, best time to contact, and all of the answers to the earlier stated questions.

Final Expense Lead Delivery

We will deliver each lead to you the buying agent within 6 hours of the lead being generated.  We will send lead to you via email and also provide you access to an online form to view them online as well.


We do not offer any type of refunds for bad leads.  We will replace any lead determined to be a bad lead by us as long as you have requested that it be replaced within 48 hours of it being delivered to you.  We do offer refunds on any order that we do not complete based on the territory being unable to provide us the results we need.

Lead Delivery Times

We will begin generating your leads the week after they are paid for.  We will try to complete the entire order for you the same week we begin calling, but sometimes may require additional time to generate the leads for you.

Our Promise

We promise to do our very best to deliver you a good quality lead every time.  We do this because we want your repeat business.  If you do not like our leads we understand that and you are not in any kind of contract to order again.


Thank You For Your Lead Order


Final Expense Sales Leads understands the importance of providing agents with prospects that have expressed a true desire in learning more about Final Expense or Medicare Supplement Insurance.  We have very strict rules that every caller working for us must follow the same script.  Each and every lead goes through our quality control department to make sure the questions were asked and answered and that the prospect confirmed they wanted to be contacted by the agent about Final Expense or Medicare Supplement Insurance.   Once we have determined that the lead is valid, it is emailed to the agent and deposited in the agent’s exclusive lead website.  Final Expense Sales Leads has no control over what happens after we have generated the lead and it passed quality control.  This is the reason we do not offer refunds or replacements.



What To Expect:  National averages indicate that you will schedule 50% of the leads purchased into an appointment.   Agents using this proven appointment setting script typically have a higher appointment to lead ratio than agents just “winging” it.


25% of the leads you will not be able to contact (we recommend door knocking these leads to maximize your profits).


25% of the leads will tell you they said they weren’t interested, they already have insurance, or they changed their minds.  Some will even say they never spoke with our caller.  We provide these very effective objection rebuttals to help convert these objections into appointments.  Some prospects will say these things because they think they won’t qualify for the insurance or feel it may be too expensive.   As agents, we need to pull the true objection out of them, overcome it, and schedule the appointment.


These are averages and in no way are they guarantees.  Every agent will have different results from the leads.  Our goal is to provide you with quality leads so you will make money and order additional leads.

Territory:  Provide us with as much territory as possible upon ordering.  Telemarketing for leads is very different from direct mail, we need a lot of territory to be able to effectively generate you leads because 80% of the population is on the Do Not Call list.  Even though you may think you’re providing a large enough area, most times it is not. We ask that you provide 5 counties listed in the order you would like us to call for you.  We will add the next preferred county when necessary.   In some areas we will need to start with all 5 counties to provide enough numbers to call.